Rusty Riders Group Lesson

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Have you been considering getting BACK IN THE SADDLE?

Have you been struggling to fit in riding over the years, seen friends enjoying hacks out on the beach or missing the feeling as you watch your child learning their rising trot? You may even be aiming to go away on a riding holiday and need to brush up on your skills. If so, then this is just the thing for you!

Our weekend Adult group lesson is perfect if you have some previous riding experience and are ready to give it another go.

Friendly and supportive sessions for nervous or rusty riders who want to work on perfecting their position, working up through the paces and towards your ridden goals.

Fine-tune previously learned skills, rebuild your confidence and share your experience with others

🐎 Suitable for riders at walk & trot

€25 each
Spaces are limited to 4 per class to ensure each rider gets the care and attention they need. RESERVE yours today!


Bookings are closed for this event.